VineSmith’s goals are saving you money while helping you produce a high quality crop. A wine grape vineyard is a very costly long-term investment. Without careful and experienced site selection, business planning, vineyard development and management, a vineyard cannot turn a profit. Backed by 33 years of comprehensive viticultural experience, VineSmith guides new and established growers through all phases of:
Site Selection

Elevation and climate evaluations
Soil evaluations

Business Planning

Feasibility studies
Marketing plans
Business plans

Vineyard Development

Vineyard layout
Vineyard design
Variety, rootstock selection

Vineyard Management

Crop / canopy management
Nutrient / water management
Pest management

“I appreciate Jeanette’s many years of experience and her ability to convey that experience to others in a non-condescending manner.” – Dr. Jack Sexton, Williams Gap Vineyard, Round Hill, Virginia