VineSmith’s Vineyard Spray Guides enable you to quickly and easily select the best fungicide, insecticide or herbicide for the job. Every pest management product carries a long litany of application specifications and restrictions. Each year, some of these restrictions change, new products are registered and old products are taken off the market. Keeping up with these changes can be daunting.

The Guide consists of three posters that display updated important information about each registered product in a table format. The layout allows you to, at a glance, compare your options and select the right material for your situations. VineSmith releases a new edition of the Guide every two years. FOR ONLY $64  $45, you receive:

  • Fungicide Guide poster
  • Insecticide Guide poster
  • Herbicide Guide poster
  • “Planning a Vineyard Pest Management Program” booklet

The convenient columns of the posters allow you to quickly and easily compare……

  • efficacy for each disease, insect and weed pest
  • rate of product per acre
  • cost per acre per application
  • mode of action
  • resistance risk
  • maximum allowable rates and applications per season
  • restricted entry interval
  • pre-harvest interval
  • personal protective equipment
  • toxicity to humans, bees, beneficial insects and fish
  • MANY more requirements and recommendations

…….for all the major pesticides registered for use on wine grapes east of the Rocky Mountains. That’s 44 fungicides, 44 insecticides and 23 herbicides!



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Raves for VineSmith’s Vineyard Spray Guides

“Clear, concise, indispensible…” – Mark Chien, Wine Grape Educator, Penn State University

“Saves me so much time!…” – Lucie Morton, Consulting Viticulturist

“I would be at a loss without the Spray Guide posters” – Bill Tonkins, Veritas Vineyard & Winery